“ Let’s be clear — we are failing too many of our children. We’re sending

them out into a 21st century economy by sending them through the

doors of 20th century schools.”

— Barack Obama, in a speech at the Center

for American Progress

Lots of people are saying the same thing: teaching and learning have to be

different in today’s world. Education leaders, business leaders, academics and

the authors below sound a similar note:

“ Countries like India are now able to compete for global knowledge work

as never before — and America had better get ready for this.”

— !omas Friedman, !e World Is Flat

“ Nations around the world are reforming their school systems… to

support the more complex knowledge and skills needed in the 21st

century, skills needed for framing problems, seeking and organizing

information and resources, and working strategically with others to

manage and address dilemmas and create new products.”

— Linda Darling-Hammond, Powerful


“ Current formal education still prepares students primarily for the world

of the past, rather than for possible worlds of the future.”

— Howard Gardner, Five Minds for the Future

“ !ere is a profound disconnect between what students are taught and

tested on in most high schools today and how they are expected to

learn, versus what the world will demand of them as adults and what

motivates them to do their best.”

— Tony Wagner, !e Global Achievement Gap

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